Mask Distribution Activity By Jan Vikas Mission Trust

On 5th of November 2019, Tuesday Jan Vikas Mission (JVM) Trust (Non government organization) distributed free Anti pollution Masks to peoples in prominent areas of New Delhi.  As with seasonal crop residue burning, industrial and vehicle emissions and calm winds persisting, a thick layer of toxic smog settled over the National Capital (New Delhi).

The overall Air Quality Index [AQI] of delhi stood at 440 – 500 with Particulate Matter [PM] 10, which falls under Hazardous category, said by the System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research [SAFAR]. Worried about the situation in capital, medical Practitioners have adviced peoples suffering from breathing difficulties to avoid outdoor Activities.

Mask Distribution

Diseases caused by Pollution lead to the deaths of about 8.4 millions peoples each year. Pollution can cause Ischaemic Heart Disease, Stroke, Chronic Pulmonary Disease, Lung Cancer, Lower Respiratory Infections. They have also recommended people to use Masks whether stepped out of houses.

Mask Distribution Activity

So there are few things you can do to make you safe and that is; to buy Anti Pollution Masks and to not to participate in outdoor activities. But not everyone is eligible to purchase these high priced masks and also some peoples are not aware about these things. So here the Team of Jan Vikas Mission Trust were distributed Free Anti Pollution Masks to people so that they can use them while coming out on the Streets Because Jan Vikas Mission slot terbaru Trust is a charitable trust that works towards the welfare of common man and his needs. This initiative is inspired by and for the people. To uphold the values of Health of People and increase the Quality of Life and reach-ability of all the government benefits that common man deserves. It is very important to take Precautions because the Toxic Air can lead to Serious Health Problems.

During this Event our {JVM}’s Volunteers unite and continued till [12PM – 3PM] onwards. Regarding Distribution, the volunteers also offered Instruction on How to wear the Mask properly as because when mask does not fit properly then there is no Benefit. These Masks were intended to help residents breath safely while going outside as now smoke filled in the sky; creating Unhealthy Air Quality.  Even for the Healthy person, wearing a mask may help in maintaining increased Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Work of Breathing, CO2 builds up in Micro-Ambient Air.MasK Distribution Activity JVM Trust

In the End, Team of JAN VIKAS MISSION TRUST Request you to all the Citizen of this country to take some time out of there busy Schedule and Help  those who are in Need and not to make Excuses & Blame the Government. A Nation can grow and become strong only when the Citizens of our Nation come together and help it out to Rise. As the Team of Jan Vikas Mission comes together and helped the Needy one’s. Our Team hopes that you will Support Us in this Great Mission to Serve the Nation.




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