Educational Camp in Slum Area

Keeping the Problem of Slum Dweller’s children in mind, Volunteer team of Jan Vikas Mission Trust decided to provide them with educational facility. Our team of volunteers reached out to the slum area of Vikas jadwal slot tergacor puri which comes under our “Project Jan Pratham” conducted a screening to find out what these children require most. They found out that the children lacked education and were not even able to know about how to write or read. Evening education classes were conducted on an on-and-off basis. We are planning to provide them with phonetic classes for one semester, from now onward to till they didn’t get admission in school and explain to their parents why education is worthwhile. Older children from slum area judi slot gacor help the younger ones to understand their rights, and set examples that they are keen to follow.This is the first time these kids got notebook & stationary of their own. They were delighted to receive their own notebooks. Firstly we started with very few kids,but now we have so many of them. These kids want to learn voluntary and it is slot terbaik so good to see their dedication.  By this practice we were able to help the children by ensuring that the child and their education is adequately supported.

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