Groceries Distribution by JVM Trust in Slum Area

On 22nd of April 2020, Jan Vikas Mission Trust distributed 250 kg of Groceries for around 30-40 families residing in Slum Area of New Delhi. This activity of distributing food/groceries is running regularly every week. The food has been equally distributed by one of their slum member door to door.  By far the most vulnerable section of the workforce during the lockdown are those in the informal sector – mostly unskilled, low-paid, with no or at most fuzzy employment contracts, employed in precarious work environments, and lacking any form of social security or welfare safety net. Going forward, one can foresee many challenges as farmers and labourers set out to rebuild their lives and livelihoods. Migrant labourers who have managed to return will not be able to go back immediately. Some may not wish to go back also, given the travails many may have endured following the lockdown. Some of them do not have food to feed their children or family. So, there is a need for both relief and rehabilitation measures, to help the affected and pick the threads again, overcome the loss sustained and rebuild their lives. These Slum Areas are adopted by Jan Vikas Mission Trust so its our duty that no one should be slept hungry. JVM Trust is distributing groceries everywhere we can in numbers of Slum Areas in Delhi.

Team JVM Trust

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