Ration Distribution by JVM Trust in Slums

Concerns have been posed in the wake of the national spread of the corona virus that daily-wage workers in slum areas will be deprived of their earnings due to a sudden lack of jobs.


While shops selling only essential products such as groceries have been permitted to remain open, street hawkers, rickshaw drivers, and slum labourers are likely to lose their daily earnings. In light of this bad situation, Jan Vikas Mission Trust and its team decided to distribute food and rations to these daily wage workers on Sunday.



This program started around 11:00 a.m. and finished around 2:00 p.m. In this Slum Area, there were approximately 50–60 households, totaling 200–250 people. The Ration Kits were happily received by all of the tenants. “We believe that it is our duty as human beings to assist the most needy among us in their time of need.”


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