Helping the Visually Impaired

Helping the visually challenged Blinds
with Food, Accommodation and Education

Lets Make Women Empowered

Join us in our Mission to Empower Women
from all walks of life.

Empowering Children for Brighter Future

create a world where every child has opportunity
to reach their full potential.

Planting Hopes in Urban Villages

By providing training and resources, we're equipping individuals
with the tools to build a greener, brighter future.

Serving Nourishment, Spreading Hopes

Our commitment to serving food to the poor and needy stems from a deep-rooted
belief in the transformative power of a nourishing meal.

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What do we do

We Are Trying to
Make a Difference

Community Development Programs

Initiatives focusing on improving the well-being and infrastructure of local communities through various projects like education, healthcare, and sanitation.

Advocacy and Awareness Campaigns

Creating awareness and advocating for social justice, human rights & environmental issues through campaigns, workshops & events to mobilize public support and action.

Fundraising and Grant Writing

Engaging in fundraising activities, grant writing, and donor relations to secure financial resources essential for sustaining NGO projects and initiatives.

Capacity Building and Training

Conducting training programs and workshops to empower individuals, communities, and partner organizations with skills and knowledge for self-sustainability and growth.

Research and Policy Development

Conducting research to identify issues, gather data, and develop evidence-based policies  for addressing social issues & influencing governmental policies.

Humanitarian Aid and Relief Programs

Providing immediate assistance during crises, disasters, or conflicts by offering relief aid, shelter, food, and medical support to affected communities.

Our Mission

Jan Vikas Mission Trust is a Charitable Organization that works towards the welfare of common man and his needs. This initiative is inspired by and for the people. Our motto is – Mission to Serve, which works as the backbone of the Organization. Our Ideology has integrity with Selflessness. JVM has been serving people irrespective of their castes or backgrounds. Taking up projects of developing villages, helping services reach distant people, and help fight Poverty.

Our Causes

Jan Vikas Mission Trust, a beacon of hope, tirelessly strives to uplift the common man and address their pressing needs. Driven by a passion that emanates from the people themselves, our organization’s guiding principle is “Mission to Serve,” a foundation built on unwavering integrity and boundless selflessness.

Regardless of caste or background, JVM Trust has dedicated itself to community transformation, embarking on projects to develop villages, extend essential services to remote corners, and combat the scourge of poverty.

At the heart of JVM Trust beats a dedicated team of seasoned social workers, each with years of experience in the realm of NGOs. United by a shared commitment to tackle societal issues head-on, this team is resolute in their mission to improve the living conditions of the less fortunate, bringing about positive change and brighter prospects.

Helping Blind

“Support JVM Trust’s mission: empower the blind. Your donation transforms lives, providing vital resources, education, and opportunities for the visually impaired, fostering  communities.

Educating Children

“Education transforms lives. By supporting children’s education, we shape brighter futures, empower communities, and pave the way for a world where every child has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.”

Women Empowerment

“Empower women, empower the world. Join us in championing gender equality, providing resources, education, & opportunities to uplift women, creating stronger, more inclusive societies “

Saving Enviroment

“Join hands to save our environment!  Your support fuels conservation efforts, promotes sustainability, and preserves biodiversity, securing a greener, healthier planet”

Our Admins

The administrative core of JVM Trust comprises four proficient and dedicated leaders steering our mission with expertise. Our esteemed administrators bring diverse skills, unified in their commitment to driving positive change. With strategic vision and unwavering dedication, our four admins lead JVM Trust towards impactful and sustainable initiatives.

R.s Puri - Jan Vikas Mission Trust




Vice Chairman

G.M Pasha - JVM Trust


Gen Secretory




Join the Movement

Join our movement for change by contributing towards a brighter future! Your donation fuels our initiatives, making a tangible impact on communities in need and propelling us closer to our collective goals of social transformation

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