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Helping Blinds

Jan Vikas Mission Trust’s Blind Wing is a dedicated endeavor aimed at extending support to the visually impaired. We hold firm in our belief that blindness is not a limitation but rather an opportunity to perceive and experience the world uniquely. Our overarching objective is to raise the bar for welfare standards, offering unwavering assistance to visually impaired individuals by focusing on education, employment, and accommodation, thereby fostering their independence, dignity, and overall quality of life.

Our mission encompasses instigating sustainable, self-managed transformations in the lives of the blind. Whether it involves imparting literacy skills to enhance livelihoods or collaborating with the Government of India to advocate for policy enhancements, or even offering financial aid, our efforts strive to bring about positive, participatory changes in the lives of those with visual impairments. The fundamental essence of our organization lies in celebrating life, perceiving blindness not as an obstacle but as a unique facet of existence.

Through our dedicated initiatives, we’ve positively influenced numerous blind individuals, guiding them toward fulfillment and independence. Our commitment is resolute in removing obstacles, crafting innovative solutions, and broadening opportunities for those facing vision loss. We stand committed to fostering an equitable world for individuals with visual disabilities, aiming to reshape societal perspectives and create a more inclusive future.

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Helping Blind

“Support JVM Trust’s mission: empower the blind. Your donation transforms lives, providing vital resources, education, and opportunities for the visually impaired, fostering  communities.

Educating Children

“Education transforms lives. By supporting children’s education, we shape brighter futures, empower communities, and pave the way for a world where every child has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.”

Women Empowerment

“Empower women, empower the world. Join us in championing gender equality, providing resources, education, & opportunities to uplift women, creating stronger, more inclusive societies “

Saving Enviroment

“Join hands to save our environment!  Your support fuels conservation efforts, promotes sustainability, and preserves biodiversity, securing a greener, healthier planet”

Join the Movement

Join our movement for change by contributing towards a brighter future! Your donation fuels our initiatives, making a tangible impact on communities in need and propelling us closer to our collective goals of social transformation

R S Puri


Gagan Puri

Vice Chairman

Rajesh Ghai


G.M Pasha

Gen Secretory

JVM Trust

Serving Blinds by fulfilling their Needs

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