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Catalyst for Change

Causes serve as catalysts for initiating change. They highlight existing issues or disparities in society, inspiring action and progress toward resolution. Whether it's social injustice, environmental concerns, or technological advancements, causes provoke thought and action.

Awareness and Education

Causes create awareness by shedding light on pressing matters. They educate individuals and communities about issues they might not have been previously aware of, fostering a more informed and empathetic society. This awareness often leads to collective efforts for change.

Advocacy and Empowerment

Causes empower individuals to become advocates for change. They encourage people to use their voices, whether through activism, volunteering, or raising funds, to support the cause and bring about meaningful transformations.

Community Building

Causes bring together like-minded individuals who share a passion for a particular issue. This builds a sense of community and solidarity, creating a network of support that strengthens the cause and encourages collaboration for a common purpose.

Humanitarian and Ethical Growth

Engaging with causes fosters humanitarian growth by encouraging empathy, compassion, and a sense of responsibility toward fellow humans and the world at large. It contributes to the ethical development of societies, promoting values of equity, justice, and sustainability.

Policy and Systemic Change

 Causes often drive systemic change by influencing policies and regulations. Advocacy efforts aimed at legislative changes can result in long-term, sustainable impacts, altering the systems that perpetuate the issues.

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Our Causes


At JVM Trust, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support for the visually impaired, aiming to enhance their quality of life and foster inclusivity. Our initiatives include:

  • Empowering Independence: We facilitate the independence of the visually impaired through specialized education, training programs, and the provision of assistive technologies, enabling them to navigate the world with confidence.
  1. Advocating Accessibility: JVM Trust advocates for increased accessibility in public spaces, educational institutions, and workplaces, striving to create environments that accommodate and support individuals with visual impairments.

Empowering women lies at the core of JVM Trust's commitment to fostering gender equality and empowerment. Our efforts encompass:

  • Educational Empowerment: We offer educational resources, vocational training, and skill development programs aimed at empowering women, enabling them to become self-sufficient and contributing members of society.

  • Advocacy for Equality: JVM Trust actively advocates for gender equality by raising awareness, providing resources, and supporting policies that promote women's rights and equal opportunities in all spheres of life.

JVM Trust places a strong emphasis on providing quality education and holistic development opportunities for underprivileged children. Our initiatives include:

    • Ensuring Access to Education: We work towards providing access to quality education by offering scholarships, educational resources, and infrastructure development for schools in marginalized communities.

    • Holistic Development: Through mentorship programs and extracurricular activities, JVM Trust aims to foster the holistic development of children, nurturing their talents and potential.


Environmental conservation is a vital focus area for JVM Trust, with dedicated efforts toward sustainability and conservation:

  • Raising Environmental Awareness: We conduct awareness campaigns and community engagement activities to educate individuals about environmental issues and promote sustainable practices.

  • Conservation Initiatives: JVM Trust initiates projects focused on reforestation, waste management, and the adoption of renewable energy sources, working towards a sustainable future for our planet.

Empower Change:
Support JVM Trust's Causes for a Better Tomorrow


JVM Trust stands as a beacon of hope, dedicated to driving impactful change through various causes that resonate with our core values of inclusivity, empowerment, and sustainability. Your generous support can amplify our efforts and enable us to reach new heights in transforming lives and communities.

Empowering the Visually Impaired

Your donation holds the power to empower the visually impaired by providing essential resources, specialized education, and cutting-edge assistive technologies. With your support, we can expand our reach, advocating for increased accessibility in public spaces, educational institutions, and workplaces, ensuring a more inclusive environment for individuals with visual impairments.

Fostering Women’s Empowerment

Join us in our mission to empower women through education, vocational training, and advocacy efforts. Your contribution paves the way for gender equality, offering educational resources and support that equip women to excel and lead in their communities and beyond.

Ensuring Child Education and Holistic Development

Your donation fuels our commitment to providing underprivileged children with access to quality education and holistic development opportunities. Together, we can bridge educational gaps, offer scholarships, and create programs that nurture their talents, enabling a brighter future for these young minds.

Conservation for a Sustainable Future

Support our environmental initiatives that champion awareness and action. Your contribution aids in funding projects focused on reforestation, waste management, and promoting renewable energy sources. Together, we can protect our planet and preserve its resources for generations to come.

Your donation, irrespective of its size, plays a significant role in driving our causes and making a tangible impact in the lives of those we aim to serve. Together, let’s build a more inclusive, empowered, and sustainable world, where every individual has the opportunity to thrive.

Helping Blind

“Support JVM Trust’s mission: empower the blind. Your donation transforms lives, providing vital resources, education, and opportunities for the visually impaired, fostering  communities.

Educating Children

“Education transforms lives. By supporting children’s education, we shape brighter futures, empower communities, and pave the way for a world where every child has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.”

Women Empowerment

“Empower women, empower the world. Join us in championing gender equality, providing resources, education, & opportunities to uplift women, creating stronger, more inclusive societies “

Saving Enviroment

“Join hands to save our environment!  Your support fuels conservation efforts, promotes sustainability, and preserves biodiversity, securing a greener, healthier planet”

Join the Movement

Join our movement for change by contributing towards a brighter future! Your donation fuels our initiatives, making a tangible impact on communities in need and propelling us closer to our collective goals of social transformation

R S Puri


Gagan Puri

Vice Chairman

Rajesh Ghai


G.M Pasha

Gen Secretory

JVM Trust

Serving Blinds by fulfilling their Needs

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