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Jan Pratham

Jan Vikas Mission Trust is Coming up with a New Project named”Project Jan Pratham” . The Main Aim of this Project is to adopt some Slums Areas (Bastis) & fulfill all of their needs. Slum Adoption means to be work along with the community at the grass root level, empowering them so that they can pursue their goal of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. . Jan Vikas Mission Trust has a determinant team of Volunteers for execution of this project & we will also try to recruit new volunteers in our team also. These type of Slum Adoption provides an opportunity to policy makers and civil society, to get sensitized and understand the problems and social dynamics that exist at the grass root level and assimilate the facilitating the factors responsible for building sustainable and cohesive communities through Inspiring, Igniting, Educating and enabling them to Develop by Utilizing the multiple opportunities with special focus on disadvantaged sector.

Objectives of Project Jan Pratham

1. Education: Jan Vikas Mission Trust plans to improve learning outcomes of poor and underprivileged children in slums. These children suffer from very extreme deprivation and disparity and are engaged in activities like rag picking, waste picking or other small jobs. These children are not attending school at all. Education is the only way that children who are prey today can gain equal status in society. Jan Vikas Mission Trust is concerned for education by Providing Free Education to these underprivileged Children of slums and making them enough Capable so that they can run their livelihood easily by getting Proper Education. In addition to complete free Education, we would also provide these children with free books, Stationary, Reading Material with proper environment also. For most parents this is the new opportunity to send their children for education.

2. Clothing : Due to lack of clothing, specially children of slums are suffering from common cold and other effects of other Infection . People just throw away their old clothes, just because they become a little bit outdated for us or their taste keeps on changing. But instead of throwing them away or just accumulate them in some corner of your house for no reasons donate them to the needy and poor. In winter, along with festivals winter brings lots of suffering to the people of slum (especially women & children). So we took an initiative to reduce the suffering of few of them by distributing warm clothes, blankets, & all other essential requirement during winters. Jan Vikas Mission Trust committed to doing the noble deeds to underprivileged slum people with the association with Youth Ubaal Foundation’s “DO JODI ABHIYAAN”. As it is extreme cold in India, it is a very difficult situation in the slums for the poor people, so we will donate them clothes to wear. Because this is the beauty of giving and something that everyone should follow.

3. Medical Help: In order to take care of the Healthcare Needs of the Underprivileged peoples of slum, Jan Vikas Mission Trust has come up with this Project. The Objectives of the project is to provide much needed healthcare to Underprivileged community of people living in Slums. . The aim of Jan Vikas Mission Trust is to develop a model of Wellness and Preventive Healthcare integrated with the Health Services and Health Financing Networks by providing them all type of Free Health service.
• To Provide Medical Help In case of any Urgencies
• To Aware People about Diseases, Infections and their preventions
• To provide support in the treatments including free Medicines also.
• To arrange various Camps & Workshops
• To aware about Govt. Policy about Health
• Making them Aware about Health Insurance government policies
• We are seeking towards arranging free Medical Checkup Camp which may include (Eye checkup Camp, Blood Camp, Vaccination Camps, Mask distribution Camps, etc) and will also provide them Adequate proper Advice.
• Awareness would be provide on Health Education & Importance of being Hygienic.

4. Women Empowerment : The Aim of this Project is also to provide employment to the women of Slum by empowering them.
• By providing them guidance in form of training in Basic Management and to Provide exposure along with professional training and equipping them with a platform where their skilled products can be exhibited and sold.
• Women will be taught professional and vocational skills like, stitching, tailoring & Candle Making in order to assist them in generating self-employment and a means of income in an effort to make them self-reliant and empowered.
• Making them Literate because education is the only way that women who are prey today can gain equal status in society.
• Training would be Provide to women for their Self Defense and also to provide them Legal Support.

5. Hygiene : People residing in slums face many problems like improper sanitation, unhygienic health & environmental conditions, social, economic, health, educational and cultural problems and many more. The basic problems inherent in these slums are Lack of basic amenities like Safe Drinking water, proper Housing & Hygiene, Drainage and Excreta disposal services, makes the slum population vulnerable to infections.
• The objective of this exercise is to create Awareness about the most prominent and serious health concerns that are aggravating in our population, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.
• The Medical Camps will be driven to in the Slum Areas who are the most vulnerable to Diseases through improper Sanitation.
• By providing Awareness on Personal hygiene like washing of hands with soap or using a hand sanitizer will help reduce the spread infections, Public littering, spitting and pooping in the open should be avoided, how people should make use of the garbage cans installed by the government to dispose the garbage, etc.
• People should follow the western concept of “Recycle-Reuse-Reduce” and make the world a Better place to live in.
• Also by Aware people on the Concept “Stop Using Plastic”

6. Overall Development: The Main Vision of Project Jan Pratham is to sweeping down trodden areas and converting them into Habitable and Hygienic living spaces. Providing basic infrastructure, sanitation, education facilities, lightning and community spaces are the top priorities in the minds of us. Security of tenure, strengthenment of slums, appears to be one of the most important determinants of slum up gradation; Improvements of electricity and water supply spur improvements of other basic services.

As we are Working on “MISSION FOR SERVE” which is been working towards creating happier and healthier living for everyone.


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