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Overview Project Sankalp

JAN VIKAS MISSION TRUST ( JVMT) is coming up with a Project Sankalp on a Land which is situated in Telangana . Jan Vikas Mission Trust is working as NGO so that maximum number of people will get benefit from our Upcoming Visions. The Resources for Jan Vikas Mission Trust for execution of Project Sankalp is this Land. Jan Vikas Mission Trust is executing this project for FUND RAISING so that we can develop Infrastructure which will consume for Charity. Now, Jan Vikas Mission Trust is truly open for Fund Raising program for achievement of our Visions & objectives. JVMT will work as different types of Consolation for Unprivilleged, mentally challenged, homeless people, women and girls, etc. Jan Vikas Mission Trust has a big Team of Volunteers for execution of this project & we will also try to recruit new volunteers in our team also. The Project Site is approximately about 3 of Acre & 5 of Gunthas. The Project was identified to be the priority for Infrastructure support to Socio-Economic Development. Jan Vikas Mission Trust (JVMT) is working towards his new Project SANKALP under which Sankalp means

S – Swasthya & Shiksha

A – Awaas

N – Naari Uthaan

K – Kaushal Vikas

A – Aajeevika

L – Laghu Udhyog

P – Paryavaran

Objectives of the Project Sankalp

Shiksha & Swasthya: Providing resources is necessary but not the ultimate solution to making lives of unfortunate people better. Education is the only way that children who are prey today can gain equal status in society. Jan Vikas Mission Trust is concerned for education by opening Free Education Centers for underprivileged Children and making them enough Capable so that they can run their livelihood easily by getting Proper Education. In addition to complete free Education, we would provide our student with free books, Stationary, Reading Material, and Mid-day meal also. Swasthya: With nearly 1/3rd of India’s urban population estimated to live in slums, the key challenges for our healthcare in India are access to quality services at free of cost. The aim of Jan Vikas Mission Trust is to develop a model of Wellness and Preventive Healthcare integrated with the Healthcare Services and Health Financing Networks by providing them any type of Free Health service, Health Insurance & free Medicines also. We are seeking towards arranging free Medical Checkup Camp which may include (Eye checkup Camp, Blood Camp, etc) and will also provide them Adequate proper Advice. Awareness would be provide on Health Education & its importance. We will also help Disable Victims by providing them free equipments like (wheelchairs).
Awaas: Jan Vikas Mission Trust (JVMT) is liable to provide Awaas (shelter) to the needy ones in following :


  • To provide orphan children, a childhood that they never experienced and help them to become useful members of the society.
  • To provide Education to orphan children.
  • To encourage orphan children to kindle their potential by providing them with creative opportunities.
  • To help in accomplishing physical, intellectual and aesthetic development of the child.
  • To make available a secure environment where orphan can play and enjoy their childhood.

Old Age Homes:

  •  To  Established model homes for the senior citizens and aged.
  • To Provide Geriatric care and medical facilities for Elderly.
  • To Provide them Familiar Environment.

Naari Uthaan :  Naari (Women), Jan Vikas Mission Trust (JVMT) is concerned to take Underprivileged and Distressed women towards Development, which means Education, Vocational training and Cultural mind, so that they can be made proper citizens and suitable members of Society.  Improving education for women helps raise their levels of health and nutrition and also reduces fertility rates. Education increases their self-confidence and enables them to find livelihood, and become a voice in the local policies that effect their lives. We would make them Aware about every Women Empowerment Programs initiated by Government, so that they can get Benefits from that programs. To Provide exposure along with professional training and equipping them with a platform where their skilled products can be exhibited and sold. Women are taught professional and vocational skills like, stitching and tailoring in order to assist them in generating self-employment and a means of income in an effort to make them self-reliant and empowered. Training would be provide to women for their Self Defence and also to provide them Legal Support. 

Kaushal Vikas:   Kaushal Vikas (Skill Development) which is flagship scheme of our Trust. The objective of Skill Development is to enable a large number of Indian Youth to take up industry-relevant Skills Training that will Help them in Securing a Better Livelihood. Our project is seeking towards developing skills in Plumbing, Handicrafts and Carpets, Health care, Retail, Rubber Making, Making of Candles & Agarbatties, Textile & Handlooms, Making of Perfumes, Hospitality and other Computer oriented Skill as these Training will increase their Productivity and also improve Job Satisfaction.Upgrade skills to international standards through significant industry involvement and develop necessary frameworks for standards, curriculum and quality assurance.

Ajeevika:  Ajeevika (Employement), Jan Vikas Mission Trust (JVMT)  believes in sharing of the fruits of development amongst all, and it understands that fruits of development can be shared only if the people are skilled and employable, JVMT is tirelessly working towards skill development & employability of the youth, especially the lesser privileged. In addition, the poor would be facilitated to achieve increased access to rights, entitlements and public services, diversified risk and better social indicators of Empowerment. Different types of Job Fares will also be organize, we will help to unemployed people to be employed. Employement oriented Workshops will also provided which include  information, strategies, techniques, & practical tips to assist all Albertans to prepare for the workforce/ educational opportunities, to understand the current labour market, to learn effective job search skills for finding & maintaining work, & to improve their current employment & career prospects.   We believes in harnessing the innate capabilities of the poor and complements them with capacities (information, knowledge, skills, tools, finance and collectivization) to participate in the growing economy of the country.

Laghu Udhyog Vikas: Laghu Udhyog refers to Small scale Industry which comprise of small enterprises who manufacture goods or serviceswith the help of relatively smaller machines and a few workers and employees. Our Aim is to provide Direct help through MSME, NBFC, NSIC, etc to those people in Rural & Backward areas. We will provides a variety of support services to needy people such as by educating them, Handholding Support, Support in government Liasoning, acquisition of technologies; adoption of modern management practices, providing Awareness on (Loan)policies of government & how Self Help Groups (SHGs) run.

Paryavaran: Jan Vikas Mission Trust (JVMT) will not just promote the interests for poor, but will also Protect the Environment. We will develop a kind of team which will work on innovative research, training and consultancy services that will help in the efficient utilization and conservation of natural resources. We hope for Proper Utilization of this land by opening Agricultural Research Centre , Bio – resourse Management & plantation of maximum numbers of plants we can. JVMT also planning environmental awareness campaign “SAY NO TO PLASTIC”. In this Campaign, we have a target to distribute maximum number of Cloth or Jute bags as we can to peoples and also to give free Eco – friendly Products like (Cloth Napkins, reachargeable batteries, Reusable Water Bottles, LED Bulbs, etc. Preservation of Herbs and different Plant species is also our motive. We will build Awareness among Decision makers & public to support Conservation Projects and people who work in the area of Conservation.

Scope of the Project

The scope of PROJECT SANKALP is Wide. It is estimated that 2 lacks per year people will be benefitted under this Project through this Land.    

Estimate Projections of Beneficiaries

Womens & Girls will be targeted of the proposed action. These clientele are from areas most affected by conflict and highly vulnerable to trafficking and rights violations. Underprivileged children will also be targeted by providing them proper Education an sufficient food also. The project will involve Youths from the poorest section of the conflict-affected communities, who will directly benefit from the project activities. The project aims to cover 1000-2000 youths in the project area by helping them build entrepreneurship and job-oriented skills. Households will benefit from better incomes and new livelihood opportunities promoted by the proposed action. Underprivileged people will also be targeted under our Project by providing them employment as a source of Income. Homeless people will also get benefited from Project Sankalp.

This is JVMT’s 1st Project Estimation Report for Achievement of our Vision. The Real time projection will be in JVMT’s Project Report.

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